Most people don't know always wearing a pair of labor insurance shoes feet?

by:BEF     2020-12-12
For the hard work of mine friends, workmates, small make up in this sudden have a question want to ask you, how long have you been wearing the same pair of shoes? Do you often wear mining shoes, safety shoes, Labor insurance shoes) Is there a double-double in the replacement with what? There is an old saying of good, good shoes, only the feet know. And in daily life, once the foot shoes & other; Acceptance & throughout; People often because figure uncomfortable, will wear the shoes in the end. Others feel that restrict new shoes, old shoes wearing more comfortable, more comfortable. In fact, always wearing a pair of shoes the most injured foot. 1, easy beriberi. Cause beriberi ( Athlete's foot) The culprit & ndash; — Fungi like warm damp environment. Always wearing a pair of shoes, they create such environment for fungus. Some labor insurance shoes permeability is low, for a long time in & other; Closed & throughout; Environment, easy cause fungus breeding and spreading, athlete's foot, dermatitis, eczema, etc. For foot love sweating, if slightly long wear shoes during the day time, take off the shoes before airing in the evening, the next day they set on the foot, over time, conveniently and fungi, beriberi natural & other; Uninvited & throughout; 。 Suggestion: select permeability good labor insurance shoes; Change regularly; Keep dry and shoe ark, can waste paper or desiccant on the shop in the shoe ark, and often ventilated. If possible, as much as possible to wear a few pairs of shoes in the; Usually best to wear absorbent cotton socks; It is best to use a strong bactericidal effect of soap to wash feet, wash feet, should put the feet dry or dry, fully to wear socks. 2, easy to grow corn. A pair of shoes for a long time can't get in, even if bought fit, when shoes will be because long-term extrusion, friction and deformation on the ground, make feet minister a thick cocoon son. If combined with other external force damage, a foot, between toes, toes back and little toe lateral long oppressed by friction and parts, such as local skin cutin layer hyperplasia, osseous swell, grow the size of soybean corn, walk, feel the pain. Suggestion: to prepare 2 ~ 3 double fitted footwear, and change to wear every day, can not only prevent the shoe from deforming, prolong its service life, also can protect the feet. Once found that the wear a flat soles, heel grinding, does a line, glue, should change new shoes. Feet are important part of our body, for the hard work of the workers should be paid attention to more care her legs, take care of your health, can we better go to work.
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