Mechanical maintenance is necessary to wear safety shoes industry employees?

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Many factories for the maintenance of large mechanical equipment purchase, regularly carries on the mechanical maintenance, there are a few small mechanical parts and components, in does not affect the continued use of cases would have to repair it. But when the mechanical maintenance, should pay attention to safety problems, starting from the actual labor safety protection, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, ensure the safety of workers. Oil resistant function of some mechanical objects when making repairs need to clean oil or grease, so the workers work, it is easy to clean oil pollution to the instep, some accidentally slip easily. And oil resistant safety shoes soles and uppers are oil resistant material, will not be oily dissolve, rejecting grease has excellent effect, and the safety of the oil ground non-slip shoes. Acid and alkali resistant function mechanical maintenance spare parts some need to input the disinfection equipment for chemical reaction test, if without wearing protective shoes safety shoes to be acidic or alkaline liquid on the feet, can cause the foot injury. And chmical resistant safety shoes are with acid and alkali resistant performance, the acid and alkali, strong corrosive environment is used to protect the feet, to prevent the acid and alkali chemical damage safety shoes. Puncture resistant repair machinery, shall be carried out in the flat without sundry pile up site, if there is other sundry pile up on the ground or with a sharp metal objects of edges and corners, there may be pierced staff soles risk. And puncture resistant is put above the soles sheet steel, prevent the various pointed person pierced the soles, so that safety shoes to prevent foot hurt. Mechanical maintenance injury accident consequences, such as by mechanical parts, piercing, rolling, and so on, in order to ensure the daily work of mechanical equipment is not happening inductrial injury accident, mechanical equipment repair work itself not only to meet safety requirements, and more importantly operators strictly abide by the safety operation procedures. Wear personal protective equipment properly according to their own job requirements in appropriate function of the safety shoes, such as the dress when mechanical maintenance smash puncture prevention safety shoes, are too many in mechanical oil needs to clean up the work shop need wear oil resistant safety shoes and so on. And the dress must be worn, shouldn't wear don't wear it must be. Such as machinery maintenance content is in action at this point we have to wear protective cap or safety protective gloves, to prevent unnecessary damage.
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