Md sole material description

by:BEF     2020-07-01

MD is MODEL or PHYLON dragon collectively, EVA secondary high pressure FRP products. MD sole must contain EVA inside. Such as MD = EVA + RB or EVA + RB + TPR and some shoes is RB + PU, etc. EVA is not necessarily the MD.

advantage too MD, as stated above, light and flexible, fine appearance, good flexibility, in the hardness, density, tensile, tearing, extensibility and good performance. Insufficient place is easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink at high temperature, poor durability, use a long time its cushioning capacity could reduce, permeability will be worse. Although there are so many advantages, there are so many shortcomings, but now there's little doubt that the MD material in the sole is widely applicable, especially some international running shoes, tennis shoes, and basketball shoes in the bottom will be made by the material of the MD. In addition, because has the characteristics of light and comfortable, MD will also be used in the production of casual shoes soles.

all in all, good plasticity, let can choose the design more rich; Light weight, make wearing more comfortable walking; Neat and no dust, make the shoes more easy to clean. If you exercise more at ordinary times, or prefer leisure sports shoes, it is recommended to choose shoes can guide asked more choose for MD sole material.

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