MD shoes low function

by:BEF     2020-07-01

MD sole general as in the bottom of shoes, have the effect of a damping rubber soles, the most common sole material, the feature is very wear-resisting, and low cost end of EVA, and actually is almost the bottom of the MD, MD is EVA on formation of secondary foaming, unlike the MD, EVA often used for recreational shoe soles, very light and comfortable, but also is not very resistant PU bottom, is a kind of very light mixed sole material, commonly used in some casual shoes and basketball shoes soles, its characteristic is light, but the downside is, obviously, is easy to become yellow, under the sun, it is easy to split end of TPR, use less a bottom, now is mainly used for the soles slippers, characteristics and rubber are similar, but more cumbersome, and easy to break.

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