Making shoes for inner bottom parts quality requirements

by:BEF     2020-07-05

inner bottom part mainly includes the inner bottom, half insole, in the end, with god, and in baotou. Because the role of these parts is different, so they have different thickness and quality requirements.

1。 Insole

insole, commonly known as the bottom of the chamber, between the outsole and insole, in use process will inherit the curve bending, stretching and the influence of external factors such as foot sweat. High requirements of insole material folding performance, moisture absorption and sweat resistance and good permeability, resilient and certain hardness, surface smooth, soft.

product varieties and machining process are not at the same time, the inner bottom material quality requirements are also different. Sewn shoes insole is superior to the general rule is: adhesive for insole; Men's shoes insole is better than that of women's shoes insole; Sandal insole is superior to the full to help shoe insole; Covering exposed insole is superior to the insole.

( l) Seam used insole welt process; Undergo a needle cone hole piercing force, take-up of tensile force, etc. , require insole has certain thickness, the fibers should be closely, to ensure that the fiber when the stitched welt, taper hole does not crack, grain without buckling, pin code is not visible.

( 2) Bottom of the rubber glaze technology used: & quot; Should have good plasticity and play, sex, avoid is used a stiff sole leather without pile. , in women's high-heeled shoes insole backend to a certain hardness, nail with insole requirements of the firm, not soft, a bit nail force.

( 3) Moulding, insole vulcanization process: in the process of shoe to withstand high temperatures, with good heat resistance. Natural sole leather easy coking brittle at high temperatures, so should choose good heat resistance of chromium sole leather. Shoe factory use synthetic base more today. If use natural sole leather, the insole parts should be in a better quality of the shoulder and back edge cut under belly. When the outsole for natural sole leather and adopt longitudinal cutting, insole should under transverse cutting, make soles flexible. If the outsole is rubber soles, insole, longitudinal cutting, to increase the outsole molding, hollow, prevent the outsole length contraction or extend.

2。 Half insole

half insole is located in the flank to heel parts, used to increase the insole hardness, increase the flank area of helping foot margin, is also installed with the base of the device after heel deformation, increase and fastness. Materials should have a certain hardness and elasticity. Cortical half insole can be in the neck and shoulders and arms and legs of hardness, you can also use the cardboard.

3。 The bottom

the bottom lies between insole and outsole, its action is similar to half insole, is also to increase the insole hardness, pin with parts of the Lord to help foot cushion, used for labor and military shoes. Therefore, requirements of bottom material should have a certain hardness and elasticity. Advice & # 39; M heavy chrome light or knead leather scraps from the material, after the fluff fluff thick, length, facilitate combined with strong. Cortex in the bottom can be in the neck and shoulders and abdominal hardness under the good parts and cutting edge, can also use elastic cardboard. In the thickness of the bottom is commonly 2. 5 a 3. 5nun。

4。 With god, in baotou,

with god and puff at the before and after the end of the shoes, its role is to support to finalize the design, maintain the formability of shoes, at the same time the foot protection. Thus required materials has certain plasticity, elastic, and hardness. Different products, the wearing object and wear in different places, by external force is also different, so the Lord with, puff material requirements will be different. Such as: labor insurance shoes with god, in baotou materials used in the play is better than that of civilian goods with god, in baotou materials used in the shoes; Main used in the men's three head shoes with light, puff material is better than soft help with god, in baotou materials used in the shoes, and so on.

using natural sole leather family with, in baotou, commonly in the abdomen and neck shoulder under the cut. Lay under the direction of the Lord with transverse, avoid to produce sit with; Baotou in longitudinal.

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