Machining operations personnel safety protection measures

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Mechanical processing workers in the face of the complex work environment, they prepare safety protection measures is little not, mechanical manufacturing work covers a wide range, including transportation tools, machine tools, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, power machinery and precision instruments and other machinery manufacturing, generally speaking, there are casting, forging, heat treatment, machining and assembly workshop, the workers mixed, but for the workers well safety protection are basically consistent, because the occupational hazard factors about the same. ( 1) Industrial dust dust homework is casting, mainly in green sand preparation, such as system model, shakeout, deoxidization process, can make the dust float in the sky, especially when using a finishing casting sand blasting process, high dust concentration, the quartz harm is bigger. In the process of machining, the grinding and polishing process of metal parts can produce metal and mineral dust, causing grinder pneumoconiosis. Welding welding flux, welding rod and welding material, evaporation at high temperature to produce a large number of welding dust and harmful gases, long-term inhalation of electric welding is a high concentration of dust can cause electric welder pneumoconiosis. ( 2) High temperature, thermal radiation machinery factory of high temperature and thermal radiation mainly in casting, forging and heat treatment work. Foundry furnace, heat drying furnace, molten metal, casting, forging and heat treatment workshop of heating furnace and red-hot metal components have a strong thermal radiation, serious when transporting formation environment of high temperature. ( 3) Noise vibration and uv machine manufacturing process, the use of sand mold tamping machine, pneumatic tools, all kinds of forging hammer, grinding wheel grinding, rivets, etc, all can produce strong noise; Electric welding, gas welding, arc welding and plasma welding produce ultraviolet (uv) light, such as improper protection can cause electro-optic ophthalmia. ( 4) Heavy manual Labour and trauma, burn in the low mechanization degree, pouring and shakeout, blacksmithing is relatively heavy manual labor, even using air hammer and hydraulic press, as a result of the need to transform the workpiece position and direction, physical labor intensity is very big, want to work at high temperatures at the same time, therefore, easy cause temperature adjustment and the change of the cardiovascular system. Face different kinds of work environment, mechanical processing workshop homework personnel needs according to different work environment to choose the appropriate safety shoes, such as forging workshop with iron, iron slag splash should be dressed in high temperature resistant safety shoes; Mechanical processing workshop mechanical objects falling, sharp puncture the soles should be against it in the condition of the puncture safety shoes. Also should be according to their own needs in the appropriate safety protective overalls, wearing a helmet to conduct a comprehensive protection.
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