Kevlar what are the performance characteristics of the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
Is famous all over the world in the kevlar bottom, can be said to be known, or even a lot of military culture non-inductive friends will know the three words 'kevlar' name, why so high evaluation of the kevlar, this depends on its excellent performance features! Fiber strength and light weight is only the most basic advantages, its toughness makes the fabric can withstand repeated operation, can reduce the vibration transmission, and can maintain deformation without fracture. Because of its ductility helps prevent breakage that is common in carbon composite materials and glass fiber, thus in high impact situation is more reliable. Has good heat dissipation and heat insulation performance, under the same weight, has good heat insulation has excellent thermal stability, degradation of above 500 ℃. Flame resistant performance is good, do not produce after burning, not help burn, 427 ℃ carbonized, good dimensional stability, very low thermal shrinkage. Good oxidation stability, has excellent stability and low strength loss, in aerobic environment, use for a long time the highest temperature is 150 degrees, and has a good alkali resistance, acid resistance was better than nylon, has good resistance to organic solvents, bleach and bug eat by moth and mildew resistance, has good sticky attach to the rubber, but resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet resistance is relatively poor. The unmanned, content without the content, kevlar bottom material can do so much and stable performance, already very good, isn't it?
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