Kevlar in what circumstance is referenced is in the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
We know that the world's most hard stone is diamond, walk on the street this problem basically do interviews as common sense, who may have to answer the questions. But for reference on the clothes, you said what is 3 times of steel fabric, withstand repeated impact, I think the problem maybe can a guy basically not more than five people. In the emergence of anti-tank weapons, and improving the performance of tanks, armored armor, generally to improve the protective performance of tanks, armoured vehicles, will increase the thickness of the metal plates, thus will inevitably affect its flexible performance. Kevlar in the presence of the base material to make the problem solved. Tanks, armored protection performance to a new situation. Compared with glass fiber reinforced plastic, in the same protective case, with a bottom in the kevlar take weight can be reduced by half, kevlar and steel armor plate combined with more powerful, such as using steel aramid jujube jujube steel composite armor, can prevent armour thickness is 700 mm anti-tank missiles, still can prevent the neutron bomb. In the new century today, kevlar laminated composite armor with steel plate, aluminum plate, not only has been widely used in tanks, armoured vehicles, body armor, and used in nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and missile destroyer, can let its protective performance and flexibility are greatly improved. Kevlar and boron carbide ceramic composite material is made of helicopter cockpit and drove a ideal material. Relevant test proved that it resists the ability of armor-piercing bullet is far better than glass fiber reinforced plastic steel armor. In order to improve the viability of the battlefield, the bulletproof garment development is more and more attention. Kevlar bulletproof garment material or manufacturing ideal material. Generation with kevlar material, nylon and glass fiber, in the same circumstances, at least doubled its protective ability, and has good flexibility, wear comfortable with this kind of material in the production of safety shoes bottom, reduce weight the wearer, operation is convenient, so has been applied by the police and soldiers in many countries. Dupont products imported in the 1980 s, China, the government still not allow meter will bottom in the kevlar materials for export to China, then I began to slowly let go of export restrictions.
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