Kevlar in bottom of plasticity is very strong, why do you say?

by:BEF     2020-07-24
In the plasticity of the appliances for labor protection products is the bottom in the kevlar, why do you say? Because the Kevlar fiber has low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistant, easy processing and finalize the design characteristics, and its strength is 5 times of the same quality of steel, but the density is only one 5 of the steel, Kevlar density of 1 per cubic centimeter. 44 grams, the density of steel for 7 per cubic centimeter. 859 grams, and brought to the attention of the people. In paper, leather, kevlar bottom shearing experiment, you can see almost under the thickness of bottom cannot be completely in the kevlar scissors to cut open. Because properties of kevlar is outstanding, in the 1980 s that material is amazing, especially in military field, is widely used day tanks, armoured vehicles and bulletproof vest. Our nearest to the field of motorcycle gear, Europe and the United States some brands of helmets in the helmet body material also added a kevlar layer to increase the level of resilience to improve safety of helmet. The most widely and application fields for cycling jerseys and jeans, relative to the thick fur, cycling jerseys and jeans to add kevlar weight did not increase obviously, but the security is improve a lot, and keep the garment clipping design originally, love to ride knights better choice. So tear resistance, high resistance to abrasion, resistance to shear in the kevlar bottom, how could not plasticity material?
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