Is the best way to prevent cutting cloth bodyguard!

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Every day there are countless accident in our side, a let us nationals have happened recently has shocked, the occurrence of the event is in August, venezuela together against President nicolas maduro's murder happened. At this point, venezuela's President, issued a public speech in the capital of Caracas, scene suddenly spread the explosion. Then the scene suspected explosions, alarm sounded. Venezuela's information minister rodriguez confirmed, several carrying explosives unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in an attempt to attack President nicolas maduro in celebration. But in the end, the plot was 'kill', madurai Luo Anran unharmed, but seven of the national guard members were injured. Because of the reason of people much less space, to this, the guards at the first time very hard also can protect the President's, so in case of such events, it's best to give themselves saddled a cut cloth, he was made by high fiber, not only has the function of the cut and mouldproof, light wear, and other functions, can protect the dress did not injured by the actions of sharp objects. More importantly, the anti cut cloth clothing usually dress as usual, will not bring any unwell feeling on the dress. After all, bodyguard when there's no way the first time to protect, prevent cut cloth dress is a good choice.
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