Is cheap. in nowadays rubber shoes ( Insulated shoes) The predecessor of

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Remember no, in the age of 50, 60, 70, have so a pair of shoes, it is popular in the country, deeply fell on her, and their impression, maybe you think it has faded from our line of sight, away from our life, it seems to have only belong to that era, but giving it a timeless classic era, just now you ears hear insulation shoes is one of the new name. Liberation shoe it is the common memory of several generations, in the beginning of the founding of new China, founding ceremony can be seen in the black and white documentary wore almost all of the people's liberation army is cheap. in. Not only the people's liberation army soldiers wear, even ordinary people love to wear very much. As for liberation shoe the origin of the term, there are two: one refers to this kind of shoes was born in the liberation war; The second refers to the people's liberation army to wear shoes with the formats. The early 50 s, with the development of rubber industry in our country, the people's liberation army forces, all replaced by liberation shoe. Liberation shoe has just gone into the army are big, in the Korean war, crude rubber shoes has played a big role. To volunteer at the U. S. military commander in chief of the far east ridgway rubber overshoes, impressed in his memoirs have had such a description: & other; Again on the front around maniacal bugle and rough roar, the enemy infantry in rubber shoes quietly climbed up the hillside of darkness, penetrate into our positions. ” For americans, the wear rubber shoes, walk quietly terrible Chinese soldiers like a jungle leopard. Now, farmland in the power supply work sites, construction site, work, you can still see cheap. in existence, its soles use rubber, the vamp with pure cotton canvas, soft, comfortable, breathable wear, no wonder it can exist today. And carry the memory of several generations liberation shoe, when we wear on their feet again, the heart will feel warm and happy!
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