Iron and steel smelting operations necessary labor protection supplies

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Main work is based on blast furnace smelting iron and steel smelting of pig iron and the method of direct reduction ironmaking tempered sponge iron and scrap steel as raw materials, refined to produce in a different way. In the smelting workshop, with many factors and complex harm workers' health, they need to wear the necessary labor protection articles, such as high temperature resistant safety shoes, against the piercing on safety shoes, etc. , in order to reduce the unnecessary injuries in the homework. Steel smelting furnace steel workshop, close in front of the shop workers steel furnace operation, generally come into contact with the steel splash in the smelting of sparks or other high temperature material, if the workers wear protective foot high temperature resistant safety shoes can effectively, guarantee the operation safety. Because of high temperature resistant safety shoes is to use high temperature resistant soles and the vamp, to protect their feet in the high temperature working environment such as molten metal spark and high temperature burned and safety shoes from harm. Some workers in the smelting workshop, the need to move the unloading heavy steel plate, if accidentally hit falls on the foot of the workers, when they were not wearing protective safety shoes is easy to hurt. And which has the function of anti hit safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within between shoes and shoe, can greatly reduce the falling objects to the injury of the foot. Steel is a complex work, workers in the smelting workshop walk, in the absence of wearing and puncture-proof safety shoes, it is easy to shop sharp objects on the ground was stabbed in the sole damage. And puncture proof safety shoes because above the sole into steel piece, so can prevent foot of sharp objects pierced soles, effective foot protection to ensure operation safety. There are many different kinds of harmful factors in the iron and steel smelting, harm is bigger, the workers for protection operation safety, in the face of high temperature furnace, wearing shoes high temperature resistance, high temperature resistant protective goggles, high temperature resistant gloves, etc. , which can effectively protect the operation safety of the workers. In addition, to deal with the complicated work environment of the iron and steel smelting workshop, the workers according to the need to wear with multi-function safety shoes, such as high temperature resistant to smash puncture prevention safety shoes, can effective foot protection, guarantee of work safety, reduce labor damage.
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