Insulation safety shoes standards and selection method

by:BEF     2020-12-08
The insulation material for safety shoes is a kind of depend on people with the earth insulation, to form the electric circuit, safety shoes to prevent electric shock damage. There are many standards of insulation safety shoes. Standard: performance of insulation safety shoes requirement is the core and key technologies of electric insulating shoes products indicators. According to the provisions of the national standard of safety shoes leakage current should be less than zero. 3 ma/kV, even if the experiment voltage up to 30 kV, the leakage current value is not more than 10 ma. EN50321 - 2000: a European standard about low-pressure equipment work electricity insulation shoe design, performance and testing requirements. GB GB12011 - 2009: this standard specifies the classification of electrical insulating shoes, style, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, marks, packaging, storage and transportation. ASTM F 2413 - 05: the American standard includes the design of safety shoes, performance and testing requirements, and the main difference between the target as the electric insulation dry test. Among them, the marked with 5 kv and 10 kv two-stage, beautiful mark the highest 14 kv electricity insulation requirements. How to choose the insulation safety shoes: 1, the test of power frequency voltage up to 15 kv electrical insulating shoes is suitable for the working environment of power frequency voltage up to 1 kv. When use, must strictly abide by the provisions of the electrical safety procedures. The insulation of the 2, the higher the voltage, representing the electric shock accident when human body under current is smaller, if you need a higher level of electrical insulation shoes please contact it. 3, according to your own working voltage and the nature of work, the choice of most proper performance-price ratio insulation safety shoes.
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