Insulation on the use of protective equipment

by:BEF     2020-12-02
A corporate security administrator ask such a question: the company purchases a batch of insulation labor insurance supplies, labor insurance gloves, safety shoes, etc. , on the Internet to see some security officer said, regularly test, this is sent to a third party testing, or your test? According to this problem, everybody will voice their opinions. First of all, if it is through formal channels newly bought some qualified labor insurance supplies, there is no need to test before use, because in the pre-sale, the product has to be sent to the third party inspection agencies, as has been allowed to sell qualified products. Second, if the labor protection products, is to use the stage to specific analysis. Many categories of labor protection products, have the use fixed number of year, for example, plastic safety helmet & le; 2. 5 years, if experienced accidents have burst and scratches, it should be replaced in advance; If to change the fixed number of year, although the helmet hasn't any damage, that is to change. And like safety shoes, and so on, the country is no hard and fast rules, to see whether the damage in use process, if the production process, product has been out of work environment required performance, it should change in time. Finally, just start the safety personnel put forward the insulation class of labor insurance supplies, the country has a regulation to this kind of product is, the labor protection articles equipment standard explanatory article 12, insulating gloves and insulated shoes in addition to the timely replacement, still should do before each use insulation performance of the inspection and do once every six months the insulation performance of retest. Insulation class labor insurance products, the performance requirements for special is rigorous, after use of this kind of product, we have to do regular testing its performance testing, enterprises have qualified testing equipment can don't have to send; No equipment, and make out a testing institutions show the test report and certificate, have lost working environment requirement of labor insurance supplies, must replace. For other types of labor insurance products, must be in accordance with the provisions of duration of use, and damage must be in the process of testing its performance, ensure that meet the requirements of the work environment.
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