Insulation of labor insurance shoes what is the main index in the insulation performance is good or bad?

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Wear insulating labor insurance shoes to prevent electric shock damage, is the purpose of this damage is mainly current caused by the human body, so the stand or fall of insulation protection performance of labor insurance shoes basically see that under a certain voltage by the size of the leakage current, if the leakage current is in the range of safe current numerical is safe, it is not safe. If the applied voltage, although no breakdown, but excessive leakage current also cause harm to human body. So the safety of the human body can withstand current is how many? Insulation resistance in 800 - of the body 1000 ohms, but it with people fat, skin thickness, the size of the age, the height of the child is inconsistent and different, of course, varies with the person's physical strength. American security standard power frequency ac current is 16 ma, is the current standard of 14 ma in our country. General situation, the human body in power frequency ac dc 5 ma ma 1 or the human body has the feeling of hemp, under power frequency ac 14 ma to wriggle out of power, if the power frequency electric down 20 - communication Dc 80 25 ma ma human cause numbness or pain, or difficulty in breathing, can't get rid of current, a long time may cause life-threatening.
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