Insulation labor insurance shoes work matters needing attention

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Workers working in the charged workplace, must wear labor insurance shoes insulation can mount guard, at the same time, must understand the use of labor insurance shoes insulation matters needing attention, just can have real protection insulation labor insurance shoes. ( 1) If there is a shock hazard should wear labor insurance shoes insulation. ( 2) Insulation labor insurance shoes does not guarantee 100% protection electric shock, and avoid the danger of additional testing is required. This kind of test should become a routine part of the risk assessment process. ( 3) During the term of use of labor insurance shoes insulation electrical insulating performance shall conform to the requirements at any time. ( 4) Protective function may be used during the insulation labor insurance shoes by Nick, cutting, wear or chemical pollution and the influence of the damage, should be checked regularly, damage the insulation of the shoes cannot be used for electrical insulating labor insurance shoes again. ( 5) Banned in pollution insulation wear in the place of labor insurance shoes material, such as chemicals, etc. , into such dangerous area will affect the insulation electrical insulating performance of the labor insurance shoes. ( 6) Wear it suggest the user to establish a suitable for the insulation of the labor insurance shoes electric insulation performance of the inspection and test means. ( 7) After the insulation safety shoes should pay attention to, don't be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp is strictly prohibited. Once appear, be affected with damp be affected with damp, can be put in dry naturally ventilated breathe freely the shade, so as to avoid deformation damage shoes. After the soles is foreign body piercing, do use insulation safety shoes. ( 8) The preventive test electrical insulating labor insurance shoes withstand voltage and leakage current value should conform to the requirements of the standard, each preventive test results are valid for more than six months. ( 9) Products should be forbidden and sharps, high temperature, acid, alkali or other corrosive materials contact, during storage, should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew, piled up off the ground, walls, 0. More than 2 m. ( 10) Storage period of 24 months, more than 24 months of their product line by the electrical preventive inspection, inspection can be used in electrical insulating labor insurance shoes. ( 11) Pay attention to the insulation safety shoes upper leather maintenance, often clean shoe polish. Wipe way is to use clean soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the leather shoes, shoe polish and then to squeeze on the cloth evenly in the vamp, wipe after a short stay. ( 12) Insulation safety shoes with oil, acid, alkaline, and no sharp substances such as contact, in case of corrosion, deformation and damage. ( 13) Color the insulation of the safety shoes should pay special attention to when wearing not touching the sewage, wastes, tea, coke, etc. , or you will leave a stain, make the safety shoes. ( 14) Insulation safety shoes wet or meet after foot sweat, easy to appear the phenomenon of the florescence, usable cotton gauze or cotton with a small amount of warm water, wipe white efflorescence on the surface of the shoe, put the shoes in ventilated place dry, then use shoe polish wipes clean, repeated several times, can recover. ( 15) Insulation safety shoes placed, should keep the shoes clean and dry, and the best shoe polish, natural flat, store after a period of time to make the shoes often draft cooling and dry, and wipe the shoe polish with Hyman mould.
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