Insulation labor insurance shoes store maintenance tips

by:BEF     2020-11-26
As the saying goes, & other; A good horse matchs good saddle & throughout; , good insulation labor insurance shoes also need to improve maintenance storage measures to maintain, such already can prolong the service life of insulation labor insurance shoes, also can effectively ensure the protective effect. Insulation labor insurance shoes store maintenance measures: 1, insulation labor insurance shoes how moisture? Pour into the water how to maintain? On a rainy day, after the insulation labor insurance shoes caught in the rain, to clear the dirt, suck out shoes in water, then use desiccant ( If there is no available board paper instead of) Tucked into the shoe, put ventilated dry in the shade, after half an hour, then in desiccant. Air-dried coating raw chicken oil, then whisk the shoe polish again. Put two days later to play again shoe polish, exposure of avoid by all means, baking. Labor insurance shoes insulation moistureproof, mainly put in a box or shoes a bit moistureproof agent, choose dry place to store. 2, why should a few double insulation in the Chinese shoes to wear? Often wear labor insurance shoes uppers, soles causes load, easy to bad. Soles wear easily deformation, the impact of the gait, which leads to the ability of disease. Insulation labor insurance shoes has stronger ability to absorb sweat, timely replacement of shoes can make the moisture, sweat sends out fully, physiological function of foot protection. 3 how to store, temporarily without the insulation of the labor insurance shoes? We wear with insulation has seasonal labor insurance shoes, an outlet for the insulation of the labor insurance shoes to storage and preservation. Key to moistureproof, mouldproof and prevent insulation labor insurance shoes deformation at the center. Change garments according to the leather shoes to carefully remove dirt, dirt and dust in a timely manner. Uppers appear crack, mending, shoe polish and then carefully. Collection of shoe polish also not besmear too much, because the shoes have certain volatile and dry bath, apply too much, for a long time, instead of leather chaps. When collecting the best besmear a few raw chicken oil, pig oil or glycerin, can make the leather soft and smooth without deformation. 4, insulating mouldproof labor insurance shoes? The leather shoes to dry, must be replaced in the shoe polish, put some camphor ball inside the shoe, in case the bug eat by moth. Should choose open air storage and preservation, and pay attention to the dust. Regularly take out to wipe the shoe polish, especially the mould rains season, take out to blow a hair drier, such as mildew points have been established to brush with a soft cloth will get rid of bad points, and promptly fill brush shoe polish.
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