Injection safety shoes and what is the difference between cold glued safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-04
Safety shoes according to the production process can be divided into two major categories of injection molding and cold glue, a lot of people don't know how to distinguish. What is the difference between injection and cold glue safety shoes? Just to bring us in detail below, and see it together. According to the production technology of safety shoes categories: there are two main types of injection molding and cold sticky. Injection molding is made by machine safety shoes, the vamp on the aluminum here after, generally by the rotary machine directly into PVC, TPR materials, such as one-time forming soles, now have the PU ( Chemical name polyurethane) Injection molding ( The machine and mold is not the same as general injection molding) 。 Injection molding process of shoes is also called the injection molding process, the system process and moulding process is roughly same, the end of this craft shoe, high production efficiency, can wear resistant, insulating rubber soles. This process is suitable for the production of civil, tourism, safety shoes, etc. Cement is hand-made safety shoes, we usually say, general need cold sticky lines processing. Practice is the vamp use plastic here and soles together with glue. Cold sticky shoes is high temperature viscosity and shoes, Italy, Spain those famous brand shoes belong to this class. Cold sticky soles are generally provided by dedicated to playing the sole factory, if they are not the soles mold, it need to open another mould. Difference method, the difference between cement and safety shoes injection molding is the most obvious feature is the soles, injection shoes heel or edge line, that's because the shoes of the mould. And cold sticky soles that are in the vamp and the sole bonding that surface, so look not to come out.
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