In the super light end products have what qualitative change?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
The overall can be divided into a shoe soles and uppers, in the process of wearing, the reaction of the soles to reduce to the human body, improve the wearer's comfort and increase the protection of the foot, usually in a pair of lightweight sole design. However, the traditional shoe bottom because of structure doesn't ignore a rebound damping effect is poor, especially in jumps is larger, the influence of it is easy to lose more than half of the force, serious loss of the wearer's strength, also appear to the soles of loose easily combined with other components. Safety and durability are greatly reduced, to solve these problems, should be on the problems existing in the traditional shoes bottom, produce a rational structure, good effect of springback, safety shoes in the bottom. Common practice should be through the use of adding material to enhance the waist area, the purpose of adding material for lightweight and bottom in the buffer. The use of shoes in the bottom is known, and contains the air or gel or similar materials, increases its shock absorption and suitable for the deformation, the elastic impact energy absorption and the ground. This solution will cause loss of shock absorption and the resulting elastic damage. Because of the heavy extrusion during use, the bottom lost shock absorption properties and elasticity of the thrust stage. This may be because of its characteristics of main materials, and because the use of the cause of the defective product. To this, we just let the bottom of super light can quickly adapt to the wearer's foot action and the wearer of the shape of the foot, and have good features can be used to buffer and thrust. On the material selection on the imports of polyester filament, winding resistance, light weight of 80 g/double ( Criteria # 42) Oil, acid and alkali resistant, soft, comfortable, non-conductive, prevent metal detectors and other metal puncture proof of incomparable advantages. Can give to the modern pursuit of quality and wear light.
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