In the name of the main structure and components safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Labor insurance shoes is a kind of safe protection against the foot of shoes. Its types are many, such as protection of digit, puncture proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistant, etc. The selection of labor insurance shoes should be according to the nature of the dangers of working environment and damage degree. Safety shoes in the main structure is: each function of the safety shoes: a, safety shoes shoes face: make main labor assignments, convenient, comfortable to movement. Special design can prevent heat damage and chemical corrosion damage, the sharp material also has anti wear check thorn damage effect. Second, safety shoe LACES and lace hole: to really tighten safety shoes, make labor when in operation is convenient, are not subject to any foreign object damage. It has three, safety shoes shoes series: to avoid heat, fire, radiation, chemicals, frostbite, oil pollution damage or infection, and other functions. Four, safety shoes heel liner: to fixed safety shoes, and can have the function of protecting the heel, also make workers wearing comfortable, prevent foreign object damage. Five, the safety shoes soles surface ( Contains the heel) : to protect the workers are not subject to any external things puncture foot injury, the other to prevent slippery, fire prevention, prevent heat, protection against shock, antifreeze, also has the protection function. Six, safety shoes to protect the steel toe head: to protect the labor work, prevent falling material, puncture injury, toe to make sure the labor protection from harm.
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