In the face of the cheap labor insurance shoes on the market, how we should the difference between real leather and artificial leather

by:BEF     2020-12-08
The labor insurance shoes on market price level difference not neat, how do we start from labor insurance shoes material itself, choose a pair of high quality and low price of labor insurance shoes? Here are several common ways to identify the real leather, hope to be of help. A, feel with the hand to touch leather surface, such as smooth, soft, plump and elastic feelings is the real leather. Two, eye view is mainly used to identify skin types and leather grain of the good or bad, observe the leather surface is evident in the pores and decorative pattern, and synthetic leather although also has wool-like hole, but not clear is not realistic. The opposite of the other synthetic leather with a layer of textiles as a base plate, the textile base plate is used to increase its tensile strength, and the reverse of the leather is not a layer fabrics, the identification is one of the most simple and practical way. Three, smelling good quality leather generally no peculiar smell, all leather leather smell, have pungent peculiar smell if can be in the process of leather making processes is not good and use some kind of chemical raw materials. Four, lit up the smell of leather when lit with light hair smells the same, after but not knot knot after burning, fingers can knead flour mill; Artificial leather light after a pungent odor, and after burning into a knot. Although seemingly simple identification of labor insurance shoes material qualitative methods mentioned above, but it's very useful. Can grasp these points can help you easily find a pair of high quality and low price of labor insurance shoes!
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