In the daily work of labor insurance shoes, safety shoes, insulation needs regular inspection?

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Personal protective equipment commonly used safety items safety shoes, work shoes, anti-static shoes, rubber shoes, protective clothing, and so on must carefully inspect and test. Company under the small crane to introduce the three most common protective equipment inspection methods: safety helmet for annual inspection cycle. 3 kg heavy ball, vertical impact of free falling from a 5 m height was not damaged, test the application of wood do a semicircle head model, will test the helmet in buffering elastic belt fasten on the model. All kinds of material made of helmet test this method is available. Seat belt belt inspection cycle is: every time before the use of seat belts, must be careful check. On the new seat belt use random experiment was carried out two years later, the old belt every six months on a sampling. Are many different kinds of safety shoes, safety shoes, such as safety shoes, anti-static rubber shoes, rubber surface on safety shoes, shoes, low-voltage insulating rubber insulation, acid and alkali resistant protective shoes, acid and alkali resistant rubber boots, acid and alkali resistant plastic moulding boots, high temperature protective shoes, puncture proof, welding protective shoes, etc. Should be used according to different work sites and content of choice. Electric power construction on the construction site of commonly used have insulated boots ( Shoes) , welding protective shoes, acid and alkali resistant rubber boots and leather safety shoes, etc. Demand for insulated shoes are: 1. Must be used within the prescribed voltage range; 2. Insulated shoes ( Boots) Rubber parts without damage, and each half year as a preventive test; 3. In flooding, oil, acid, alkali and other conditions shall not be used as auxiliary and safe appliance. It is important to note that anyone who did test the safety of the protective devices are not allowed to be used again.
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