In the clean room antistatic what is the role of labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-05
For work homework personnel in the clean room, they wear better anti-static labor insurance shoes wind anti-static dust-free product is has a great effect, can prevent electrostatic damage when they work. Human body is in itself a Gao Jing power, and human body electrostatic protection, rely on is blocked and allaying electrostatic. No matter do what kind of protective measures, it is to try not to let a person's skin exposed. We all know that the motor, the motor is used for EMI, but without the motor machine to task, so, do not prevent block up it. And task, the power cord, computer keyboard, etc. , can be their electrostatic shielding method for ESD protection, this aspect of the available shielding products are anti-static labor insurance shoes, antistatic radio pad, anti-static film, anti-static curtain, anti-static shielding bag, anti-static tape, etc. Whatever machine block or demagnetizing effect, it is necessary to machine connected to the ESD ground. The anti-static labor insurance shoes have a larger effect is: 1, can eliminate static provoked clothes, entanglement, close is not easy to be stained with dust and stain resistant easy cleaning. 2, can eliminate static electricity, the harm of human body to eliminate human movement by the electrostatic attacks not pleasure. 3, anti-static function is excellent, permanent, washing resistance. 4, in electronics, semiconductor, LCD and HDD industrial dust-free workshop surface, can prevent damage of due to static electricity of electronic components, and aging. Working in petrochemical can prevent due to electrostatic provoked by the burning and explosion danger. Electrostatic hazard is great, in a work environment with more static, completes the safety protection measures is very important to prevent because in his job with the electrostatic bring harm to the body, at the same time we also need to have safety consciousness, start from the work a little.
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