In dongguan puncture-proof fluorescent color application of safety shoes to wear cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-14
A group of lovely uncle, I admire them, and just say what is the place that a fire broke out, they will quickly get involved, put out the fire. Remember once I saw a news, a village inside a fire, the fire is very big, when the firemen arrived on the scene, they began to evacuate the crowd, out of the fire fighting equipment to put out a fire, when they are ready to see the upstairs and a little sister trapped inside, the doctors, will this important moment, a firefighter uncle boarded the elder sister's window, a pair of strong hands, but still could not come up, then another firefighter minifigures also came to the little sister's side, then the little sister's body pull up, little sister, finally with the help of the firemen saved down. The scene, is just a large number of fire scene, and in the face of some big fire, firefighters environment is more dangerous, like snacks, in the restaurant will be a lot of gas canisters and other flammable items, in order to make the firemen in the fire scene safer, recently, the two south Korean designer to design a kind of fluorescent dongguan puncture-proof wear safety shoes. Put on the fluorescence of dongguan extra safety shoes to wear cloth every step forward, leave a light-emitting footprints on the ground. When smoke, fire fighters glow relies on a series of footprints, it is easy to find smoke faint companion. The fluorescence dongguan puncture-proof wear cloth shoes, of course, it is not just the soles leaves shining footprints so simple, it's the whole vamp, including front and back, all design has LED, can maximize the partner found himself. Science and technology change life, at the same time, the innovation of science and technology also brings us a more vitality and hope, such as fluorescent dongguan puncture-proof the invention of the safety shoes do not wear cloth is a good example?
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