Improved safety shoes in the bottom structure has changed how?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
We all know that consumers have not stick in today's footwear market as before, only the pursuit of product quality, in addition to the appearance of the value of the shoe model, also very valued shoes comfort. Generally in order to can reach consumers need comfort, many merchants began to launch Nike air or breathable shoes, has launched a massage function and shockproof function shoes, or on the insole focuses on the design of the soft, etc. Usually for soft shoes design, is for the insole part improved, however, shoes are generally in the soles, shoe bottom, insoles and shoe body, the top of the soles combination one shoe in the bottom, when the shoe body and sole after suture, again from the shoes on the floor of the main combination insoles, in the structure of the shoes, shoes in the bottom is the necessary components, and the material of the shoes in the bottom is usually harder pad body, therefore, the comfort of shoes is also linked to the. When we wear shoes when walking at the foot of the loading point is the location of the heel, the heel will fall to the ground first, then the sole of the foot even bend my feet, but as a result of the first half of the shoes. Softness is not enough, the pain will make feet feel uncomfortable. Because shoes bottom itself has no softness, even on the insole can increase, but it still didn't give to the sole of comfort, this is now most of the faults in the bottom, and is to mitigate the impact of the heel and shock absorption ability is lacking. To do this, you can make shoes for wearing provides to the overall comfort, will have to stitch the ball softness and heel with shock absorption capacity to do an overall improvement. Super light in the bottom is a kind of improved safety shoes in the bottom, the outline is close to the shape of the foot, is equivalent to the ball in the foot with a soft cloth, and through the super light in some degree of flexibility and bending, bottom soft cloth to give to the wearer can walk on foot shape, give to the appropriate flexibility and bending, greatly enhance the wearer's comfort.
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