Improper shoes harm more workers

by:BEF     2020-11-30
A pair of comfortable labor insurance shoes can let some of the fatigue of laborer to work, it can give workers more a security and trust, let workers fear dangerous heavy homework, easily cope with a day's work. In daily life, casual activity role in the power of the ankle or foot, often we weight several times or even dozens of times. And the structure of the foot in the process of evolution, formed with our fit the characteristics of the functional requirements. Sixty-six feet, there are fifty-two bone joints, 40 more than two hundred muscles, and ligaments, and rich in blood vessels, nerve tissue and the body, visceral receptor. This structure is rigorous organs, make our feet can become very soft, can instantly become very hard again, like to play football on the beach a flexible and hard and strong. Clever human beings invented the shoes to protect our feet. The documented shoes in about 5, 000 years ago paleolithic. With the progress and development of the society, and silk textiles, shoes from the skins, grass and other raw materials and styles, gradually developed to today, more category, full of beautiful things in eyes, each with its own characteristics. Various functions of shoes arises at the historic moment, from the aspects of materials can be divided into cloth shoes, plastic shoes, leather shoes, etc. ; From the function can be divided into running shoes, football shoes, travel shoes, mountaineering shoes, etc. From the shape can be divided into flat shoes, high heels, pointed shoes, round head, etc. Different types and USES shoes will give us different help; If they choose wrong, can also cause certain harm. And improper shoes, tend to form a floor mat, cracked, arch collapse, corns and so on a series of foot disease. As the laborers engaged in hard work every day, wearing a pair of suitable and comfortable work labor insurance shoes is very important, don't look down upon a pair of shoes, it can effectively relieve the laborer to physical exhaustion, also can protect the laborer's feet at work, reduce the external force to the injury of the foot, and in the hot summer, a pair of comfortable and breathable shoes can also reduce the laborer beriberi, shoes look it very small, so a lot of people don't notice the usefulness of a pair of good shoes, but it does this great role in the work in your life.
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