If you focus on your own foot health, also his hostel light nano shoes head is suitable for you

by:BEF     2020-07-21
The sun is like a boat, how time flies, in the past twenty years, people's life attitude and life style are great changes have taken place. Health, relaxation, entertainment, sports become the pursuit of people's life. At the same time as consumer groups for the diversification of life style would pursue, as well as the modern science and technology rapidly, o hair, can satisfy people's various needs new features will be widely welcomed. Has good cushioning and resilience of air sports shoes, and so on are created a huge market and social benefits, are favored by people. People in the new century will continue to bring health, relaxation, entertainment, convenient and practical new functions such as footwear is full of interest. The development of modern science and technology also worked hard to make these into reality, such as the emergence of nanotechnology and matures, is profoundly affected every aspect of human life. Treated with nanotechnology ultralight nano shoes head can breathe freely waterproof, can inhibit bacteria, the nano materials as for shoes material, has the incomparable performance to other materials, such as resistance to ageing, color change, stealth performance, antibacterial, bacteriostasis, deodorizes, warm and self-cleaning properties of the coating performance. A length of nanometer is a statutory measurement unit, the symbol for the rm, is equal to 1 nm billionths of a metre, or one over one thousand of a micron. Image is equivalent to about one over five hundred the diameter of a human hair, when the material is processed into less than one hundred nanometers its physical properties and chemical properties changed unexpectedly, fundamentally change the efficiency of raw material, it's the magic of nano science and technology, now it is widely used in military, textile, construction, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, especially microbial antibacterial, and other fields. Nano science and technology in leather making, adhesive technology, surface treatment, moistureproof, mouldproof, antibacterial deodorant, anti-fouling, air permeability, etc, greatly improved the safety and health index of shoes products, and its health care function. Nano shoes in production, super light head available bonding ways, will mildew antibacterial bonding, mouldproof antimicrobial agent on the surface of the object, the active ingredient, like a sharp knife stabbed bacterial cell walls, destroy bacteria in the food chain, the bacteria to breed and grow not, avoid shoes metamorphism, stink, mildew, make it more health, clean, no peculiar smell.
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