Grid workers labor protection wear

by:BEF     2020-11-28
We live with electric power resource is through a known as the system of distribution grid from power stations to every household. Power grid transmission cable may be set up in the air, also may be laid in the ground. So says the national grid is ubiquitous, the operator of the corresponding maintenance of power grid operation, also can have a lot, they are in daily work in order to guarantee the operation safety, also need to wear the appropriate labor protection articles, such as insulated shoes, puncture of safety shoes, insulating gloves, etc. State grid of employees in the maintenance of power grid, the insulation without wearing shoes, insulating gloves or operation by the chapter, it is easy to hurt by high voltage or low voltage electric current. And insulation safety shoes is more suitable for current environment, cut off electricity flowing through the contact point through the body, is a safety shoes to prevent the body to get an electric shock. The operator of the national power grid, some need to city suburbs and uninhabited mountains installation of distribution transformers, in the face of complex operation scene, wearing a pair of puncture resistant insulation safety shoes to protect their job security, largely reduce the risk of a foot injury. Because puncture resistant is put above the soles sheet steel, prevent the various pointed person pierced the soles, so this safety shoes to prevent foot hurt. In the operation of the national electricity grid in implementing & other; Safety first, prevention first & throughout; Policy, guarantee the personal safety of staff in electric power production activities, ensure the safe and stable operation and reliable power supply, ensure that countries and investors from losses. It serves to show the grid employees in the work to do a good job in their own safety protection is very important, such as wearing protective insulation function of safety shoes, if necessary, can reduce the electric shock accident for grid employees physical threats. National grid, a new power station work, workers need to be more labor insurance protection, new plant compared with the existing power grid maintenance, operation requires careful operation by the chapter, not only need more workers to make labor safety protection, wearing insulation performance of the multi-function safety shoes, ensure the safety of power grid operation.
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