Good safety shoes price is appropriate?

by:BEF     2020-12-12
How much is the price of safety shoes? Safety shoes price is decided by what factors? More work more suitable for your safety shoes price? Detailed there are a lot of people will ask yourself when buying safety shoes, with doubt, hebi safety shoes to answer for you. Safety shoes price is not more work more suitable for oneself, safety shoes price is according to the safety shoes used by various components of the material, the protective performance of safety shoes, safety shoes production process and is determined by brand awareness. The first three is the basic decided the main factors of safety shoes price. Safety shoes material safety shoes main materials on the upper and soles, upper using different materials to a great extent, determines the price of safety shoes. Such as: the upper is leather or PU leather, or other materials, are imported or domestic cowhide leather, cowhide thickness, what is cow leather, which parts are cattle leather, and so on. material basically see what kind of material is used, currently on the market more with the bottom of the bottom of the rubber soles, PU, TPU, etc. Protective function different workplace safety shoes need to use the safety shoes have different functions, so the safety shoes from the function is divided into: protect the security of the toes shoes, puncture proof safety shoes, and electric insulation safety shoes, anti-static shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, etc. Safety shoes protection function is different, the price will vary widely. Safety shoes production process safety shoes belong to special personal protective equipment, mainly for homework personnel's foot protection, high technology content and high added value. Safety shoes production process is very important, have the good upper and soles material, without a good manufacturing process, to come out of the production of safety shoes will be bad to use, not durable, and low safety factor. Safety shoes in the production of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, such as demand is very high, so different material, different performance of safety shoes, work process and different brands are determines the safety shoes price is different. The same style different brand price may also have larger difference also lies in the cause of this. Imported brands of safety shoes from the production cost and material qualitative, craft were higher than domestic did not conformity certification of safety shoes. So hebi safety shoes to remind everyone to choose the principle of safety shoes is: the use of specific environment and protection needs to choose cost-effective wearing safety shoes when working for you.
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