Extra safety shoes special testing reference

by:BEF     2020-12-03
1. The middle tier of the outsole bonding strength, Applicable to the bottom of the multilayer) Standards: the outer layer or layer and the bonding strength between the adjacent layer & ge; 4N/mm。 Trials if soles have tear phenomenon, the bonding strength & ge; 3. 0N/mm。 2. puncture resistance standard requirements: through the shoes Boots) In the bottom, a protection should not be located in baotou edge should not contact with the above, in the case of not damage the shoes should be unable to move pad. In addition to the shoes' enclosure outside, on behalf of here on the edge of the bottom edge curve and puncture proof pad (the largest distance between X) Should be 6. 5mm。 In shoes area, at the end of representative here on the edge of the maximum distance between the curve and pad ( Y) Should be 17 mm. To fix puncture proof pad on the soles of 3 mm in diameter of opening should not exceed 3, and should not be located in the foot part. 3. Folding resistance of puncture proof pad ( Metal puncture proof pad) Standards: put pierced mat 1 x106 through flexible should not appear after visible cracks. 4. Metal puncture proof pad corrosion resistance requirements: put puncture pad metal corrosion area should not be more than 5, each area & le; 2. 5mm25. Resistance of non-metallic put pierced cushion performance standards: through the power of puncture proof pad required & ge; 1100 n6。 Shoes area of the energy absorption standard requirements: a regional energy absorption & ge; 20 j, test temperature: 23 ℃ & plusmn; 2 ℃, relative humidity: 50% & plusmn; 7 5%. Extra safety shoes logo standard requirements: every shoe ( Boots) The outsole, insole, help surface have strong wear-resisting puncture proof identity; Manufacturer, product name, shoes ( Boots) Number, date and batch number, product standards, production instructions and security identity identification should be complete. You may refer to other project detection standard industry safety shoes reference standards.
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