Extra anti cut glove is how to keep our hands from harm?

by:BEF     2020-07-20
The other day to see a very scary news in aspic factory, due to operator's mistake, by sharp cutting knife to cut out a hole, immediately blood dc. Finally he was rushed to hospital, so plenty of examples, all know that knife is very sharp, a bit not careful it may forfeits his hands, it's too dangerous! Therefore in the process of industrial operation in order to avoid the sharp tools irreversible damage to the hands, puncture-proof anti cut glove and so was born in the people's needs. Not only can protect the hands, and its service life is long, the service life of a pair of puncture-proof anti cut glove is equivalent to 500 pair of gloves, absolutely be called 'to the enemy. At the same time, the production principle of it is also very simple, the main raw materials used are kevlar, di nima mixed woven nylon, steel wire and steel wire ring, etc. The four main is used to reduce the use of wear and tear. Put on the extra anti cut glove is quite so put on a pair of high density metal gloves, itself texture feature makes it won't occur at low temperature or high temperature melting, can better protection to our tender hands.
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