EVA soles is strong compressive environment application ability

by:BEF     2020-06-29

we know that the material of EVA soles to some extent, is has good flexibility and so on for use in environmental stress cracking resistance, and EVA soles, climate resistance also has the very good advantages, EVA sole power is completely suitable for industrial materials and wire insulation bag industry, especially for household appliances accessories above and sealing materials, etc.

so is EVA soles have lightning arrester can be used in auto parts and fenders, and the car inside and outside decoration accessories and so on. Especially foam products and pressurized foam and foam plastic slippers, sandals, and as a building material, etc. , to say the EVA soles can be applied to various parts of the industry, especially female EVA soles and hot melt adhesive, etc. When the furnace melt index after reaching a certain index, rises to the content of vinyl acetate, it is very flexible, and softness and intermiscibility. And is also will subsequently and increase in transparency, and when the VAC content achieved the certain impact properties and compressive environment application ability will be improved.

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