EVA sole manufacturer to remind you how to choose the shoes the right basketball shoes?

by:BEF     2020-06-26

about basketball shoes, everyone not unfamiliar, basketball shoes in daily life to wear also is more, the daily leisure or sports wear a pair of shoes is very comfortable, but how to choose a pair of suitable for sport basketball shoes? Next, high-density debao system bottom factory take you take a look at how to choose?

often play basketball friends must choose a pair of shoes, basketball shoes is harder, because has been running, the friction shoes is more serious, so the sole choice is particularly important, but if feel uncomfortable when running, so may be shoes itself quality problem, relationship with the sole hard not too big.

if the shoe sole is hard, so that it USES a higher density of rubber, so more wear-resisting durable, and disposable foaming will make the EVA sole shoes become very doesn't fit, it has certain harm to our feet, so, in general is not used as a basketball shoe soles, EVA sole, so in daily movement, EVA soles of shoes is not recommended.

so, at the time of choosing, basketball shoe sole material is the most wear-resisting rubber sole, joined the carbon black and the industrial waste, if it is suitable for field, but it would be harder to have basketball shoe sole.

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