EVA sole easily slide when emergency treatment

by:BEF     2020-06-29

EVA sole easily slide when emergency treatment 1, that the secret of silk stockings is more durable. In order to prevent the filar socks off line, can put new stocking in the freezer. Such as frozen stiff directly extracted natural after thawing, wear is ministries to take off the line. Also can join the first five 1/4 cup cider vinegar water wash, or with a big spoon melted sugar water flushing, the result is right also.

EVA sole easy to slide the emergency treatment of 2, black clothes fade when remedial method. If can add a little beer and water flushing of the cotton; If wool is qualitative with boiled spinach juice to wash.

EVA sole of the shoe sole is easy to slide the emergency treatment of 3, when the sole easily slide when emergency treatment. With sandpaper friction soles, can greatly reduce the possible slip; Cut the raw potato into two and a half to a transverse friction sole, will not slip; Can stick a tape on the sole, especially effective on rainy days. So in spite of the rain, also can put on beautiful shoes to go out, without fear of slipping.

EVA shoe sole to slip when emergency treatment method of 4, remove the car smoke. Can coffee grounds on the shop in the ashtray. Because of the coffee grounds of deodorization effect, knead to extinguish the cigarette butts, the moisture content in the coffee grounds can immediately put out Mars, coffee grounds to the cloth bags can also remove the peculiar smell of the whole car.

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