EVA sole cleaning?

by:BEF     2020-06-30

1, because after laundry soap gently dip in with soft point brush brush. If the sole is white can also sprinkle some salt in the shoes, it can absorb sweat and deodorant.

2, drops of geranium essential oil directly inside the shoes, or in touch some cotton ball, can remove the peculiar smell of the shoes. Often wear sneakers or shoes feet, bubble drop in the number of tea several essential oils of warm water, deodorization and sterilization.

3, if the soles turn yellow, brush shoes clean with clear water, water control and evenly coated with white toothpaste on shoes ( Be sure to use white toothpaste) ( Don't brush the bubble to, it is ok to be wiped, yellow part can put some more) 。 In order ( If in the sun, wrapped in tissue paper on it) 。 When dry, will be white.

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