EVA shoe insole and integral soles

by:BEF     2020-06-29

EVA shoe insole and integral sole

1, the inner bottom: insole can also appear in the package at the end of a form, and the bottom of the package, the inner bottom structure is wrapped up in a big shoes at the bottom, for example FORCE1, even within the EVA sole bottom structure, and not like the sight of the appearance of the whole rubber soles, actually in the inside of the rubber sole is with shoes, at the bottom of the bottom is also called MD in the bottom, belongs to a kind of a foam EVA sole.

2, monolithic sole:

1) Monolithic sole, the most common is a EVA sole foam molding soles, this kind of sole cost, and prevent slippery degree and poor, sole touchs the water like a put on roller skates. REEBOK 3 d sole is this a EVA sole foam molding soles for the best 'face'.

( 2) PU whole sole: ADI and NIKE use the soles are not many, PU sole belongs to cold molding soles. PU bottom feature is portable, but should not touch water, what will happen when meet water chemical reaction, and a layer of a layer of corrosion.

( 3) More than pure rubber sole, rubber sole for outdoor climbing shoes, or work shoes, electrician shoes. The sole real consists of rubber, advantage is wear-resisting antiskid, the disadvantage is that weight is too big. The CAT work shoes with the soles, also called insulation soles.

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