EVA foamed soles with low foam rubber sole who high who let's PK battle 'hero'!

by:BEF     2020-06-27

modern sports shoes is full of bubbles. Foam is used to provide around the collar pad to buffer MATS, it can be used to line, even making the instep. Today, the world of sports shoes is one of the main purpose of the bubble in the making.

in 1929, is the earliest form of rubber foam was working for Du Luopu rubber company, chemists Eric Owen ( 埃里克·欧文) Just like making butter as ways to thrash latex sponge cake. Soon after, the value of what we call the polymer foam plastic is reflected, innovation became popular.

EVA material made of EVA sole. High toughness, EVA sole resilience and resistance to tension, has a good shockproof, buffer performance, heat insulation, heat preservation thermal resistance and low temperature performance can be cold and exposure, airtight bubble pore structure, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, waterproof performance is good, the corrosion resistance to oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution.

EVA shoe material can be 'foam' in several different ways, in which each bubble into raw material. When the plastic is liquid foaming agent can be introduced as a solid. When the combination is heated, foaming agent will swell and turn it into a gas, left in the whole plastic bubble. This can be done in large hot press, in order to produce the material, although these is usually performed using injection molding machine, injection molding machine in the quick release before using hydraulic pressure head to EVA compression and heating, allowing the bubble inflated. Another way to use EVA soles with foaming agent particle mixing. Combination of ingredients will be compressed in the mould, will be under pressure in their slow cooling.

EVA soles made by compression molding technology. The expansion of the EVA sole, foaming material will be loaded into the mold, and then put it in the hot press. Bubble of the bubble will more inflation, which will lead to a lighter, more flexible in the bottom. It is a bit like a second cooked bubble. Nike use Phylon as the basis of all of its Lunarlon technology, and pioneered the use of this technology in the production of dual density soles.

it does not seem to be the most attractive materials, EVA sole foam to make it become the foundation of modern sports shoes. Next time you put on a pair of comfortable shoes for our old partner EVA soles and a wide range of bubble family leave a memory.

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