Eva die mold belong to what?

by:BEF     2020-11-17

the general definition: EVA mould in industrial production, with all kinds of press and in a pressure on the special tools, metal or nonmetal materials through the pressure to make the required shape parts or products, this kind of special tools are collectively referred to as the mold.

EVA mold is a kind of plastic products production tools. It consists of several groups of parts, the combination with molding cavity. , mold clamping in the injection molding machine, molten plastic injection molding die cavity, and the cavity cooling stereotypes, and then separated from mould, via ejection system will leave products out of the cavity roof mould, the mould closed again for the next injection, the injection molding process is a cycle.

EVA mould is a common mould, need the mould of friends, you can contact us more fai mold, we have all kinds of soles mould here.

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