European standard puncture proof that police officers are safe

by:BEF     2020-07-27
Every holiday, is a thief, frequent robbery peak, they are probably the team commit crime, distribution together secretly watch groups, is also likely to have with a weapon, as early as the 17 years there is an example of this occurred, in the guangdong university of technology, there is a thief sneak into his was found, after fleeing after jumping from the balcony on the second floor, by the security guard and students under, one of the good student is injured by the actions of the thief by the sword. Therefore, police officers at the time of out to perform a task, usually take some self-defense equipment, such as made of oubiao puncture proof cloth puncture-proof, batons, etc. , will also take a gun, relative to police arrest people, after all, is rapidly changing, sometimes injury is inevitable, certain protection is can give to guarantee to itself. Especially in frontline combat comrades, if you happen to have a single police equipment, bring it for you, no one really expected to next second will face what kind of situation, don't feel useless, don't wait for flow for himself, if by that moment had no chance to say sorry! Oubiao puncture proof cloth made of extra clothing is made from industrial high-strength polyester filament, puncture proof ability is very strong, and the winding resistance, light weight, resistance to acid and alkali oil, soft, comfortable, non-conductive can protect for you and so on many superiority.
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