European plastic shoes head to security standards have what matters?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
During the period of school if we could meet a strict teacher, that is our blessing, the so-called I strictly, to strict with your talent will make itself really can learn knowledge. So 360 lines, line out of the top. Each row has belongs to own in the implementation of product standards. Again even if it looks like is not applicable, this is clear. Like a protective impact directive CE standards contain of finished products, and finished shoes or clothes, but it does not apply to spare parts, materials and parts. To this, we know that safe plastic shoes head is impossible to apply for the CE of this standard. However, safe plastic shoes head test is as spare parts. Specific standards have European standard EN12568:1998 requirements and test methods, test conditions and the finished shoes test standard EN ISO 20345 is relatively similar, but for the clearance requirements after the shock compression higher to offset may caused by the soft soles to squeeze gap narrowed. EN12568 standards cover inside the shoes baotou, impact resistance and compression resistance, also includes a measure of shoes baotou and metal shoes baotou anti-corrosion performance. For non-metallic shoes in baotou, the shock resistance by several different testing after preprocessing, such as high temperature and low temperature impact test after pretreatment and after dealing with the different chemicals of shock test, etc. On based on the principle of 'protection space', the design of the shoes baotou must let it have enough intensity, within a certain limit its rupture or deformation, impact or compression test according to related standards, the shoes will not be crushed or crushed in baotou deformation, in addition to shoes baotou, material strength, thickness and shape of the shoes baotou edge at the bottom of the formation of the hem width is also an important factor, because the ruffles can help shoes baotou to be transferred to support it by the pressure of the sole, the other is the shoes of the inner depth of the baotou shoes baotou, its impact was in the greater the deformation, the protection of the wearer, the better. For the wearer, the actual use of plastic safety shoes head specifications and performance for any safety shoes can provide protection ability is the crucial factor, relative, the design and structure of the safety shoes itself also affects the safety performance of plastic shoes, that is why to take down the top of the shoe from the finished shoes test, because only in this way can accurately test the actual level of protection. Safe plastic shoes on the market at present head manufacturer adopted by the standards of EN ISO 20345, its impact protection of up to 1400 n, the effective protection to make work more safety, businesses, enterprises can need according to oneself to choose suitable for their own shoes baotou, only use shoes baotou can will play a biggest role protection performance.
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