ETPU observation: PUMA new HYBRID Rocket running shoes

by:BEF     2020-07-16
ETPU in addition to the BOOST for adidas series, now the world famous sports brand PUMA after development for several years with great concentration, bring heavy running shoes technology for runners. PUMA officially released end of innovation in science and technology PUMA HYBRID, fusion energy ball NRGY and IGNITE foam in the two big ace technology, become the foot & other; Engine & throughout; For runners to provide ultimate cushioning and energy feedback, have the extreme pleasure experience of installation at the foot of the engine. Starting with bearing HYBRID technology of running shoes PUMA HYBRID Rocket landed in China on July 31. “ 混合” How does it work? Running, IGNITE foam takes the lead in response to the impact, with the pace of runners make pressure provides real-time energy feedback, NRGY energy ball give support, in the process of stride to provide the ultimate cushioning, and feedback back to IGNITE the foam in the bottom, energy absorption, springback explosive in toe stage from the ground, the model cycle, every step forward with a steady stream of kinetic energy increase comfort. EvoKNIT fabric shoe comfortable and both permeability, one-piece shoe design for the feet of leg warmers brace effect, to better packages and stability bring comfortable experience for daily and exercise, and fluent line and rich more reveal fashionable color. Top wearing bright eye of experience and the fashionable appearance complement each other, leading the running fashion trends. HYBRID Rocket main advantages: energy: IGNITE foam cushion: provide the ultimate energy feedback NRGY ball of energy to provide the wearer from heel to toe quality shock, make each step dynamic joint: evoKNIT fabric shoe comfortable and both permeability, provide leg warmers type support effect and comfortable experience on PUMA HYBRID running shoes launch event, in order to make runners more intuitive experience by the end of HYBRID running shoes in the HYBRID technology brings unprecedented shock and comfortable foot feeling, PUMA has created HYBRID flash experience, black, white, red three design was inspired by HYBRID Rocket running shoes in the bottom design & ndash; — Black & other; Engine lab & throughout; Decorated according to design elements of automobile engine and cylinder, emphasize the concept of HYBRID incarnation runners at the foot of the engine. White & other; A hybrid space & throughout; Design inspiration from fusion HYBRID IGNITE foam and NRGY ball of energy in the bottom of science and technology, are allowed to take off their shoes experience after the step on the bottom material in the simulated HYBRID custom space, feelings of shock and install the engine at the foot of the energy feedback. Red give priority to tone, & other; Combustion runs throughout area &; Decorated with large areas of red runway element, guests can be done at the scene to try and try running experience. PUMA running and training series category, marketing director of global matias & middot; Infanta & middot; Beth connor ( Matias Infante Bascunan) And PUMA greater China senior marketing director Liang Puxiang ( Alex Liang) Joint activities and under the witness of invited guests to HYBRID running shoes in the unveiling ceremony of China. Matias said: & other; Very happy to be able to come to the activity of today and to introduce Chinese runner to PUMA and HYBRID technology research and development for many years of blockbuster running shoes. IGNITE foam and ball in the top two NRGY energy at the end of the first fusion of science and technology, it is not only the innovation of science and technology, more important is to bring consumer 1 + 1 & gt; 2 the perfection of experience. ” On August 3 solstice 5, PUMA HYBRID flash experience will continue to open to the consumers in Beijing wto-day order, let more people to experience the foot & other; Engine & throughout; The ultimate cushioning and energy feedback. At the same time of HYBRID exploration personally, will also have opportunities to gain additional exclusive surprise. Also bearing bottom in the HYBRID technology of HYBRID Runner FUSEFIT shoe money on July 31 in PUMA's cn. 彪马。 Com, PUMA store, and global specified select retail stores sold around the world. It is reported, HYBRID family another shoe HYBRID Runner Unrest on August 4, in China. , PUMA is the use of ETPU all ETPU production enterprise benefits, it has broken the adidas in ETPU shoes materials applied in the field of monopoly, made a great contribution to the ETPU market benign competition! The company is happy!
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