ETPU concern that boost the runway - protect the future Truly the tasteless non-toxic plastic runway construction

by:BEF     2020-07-16
Plastic as a domestic professional ETPU producers always paid close attention to the environmental protection in the future, China and contribute their strength! Plastic runway pungent taste was the nightmare of the industry, is also the cause of the problem of the runway. Despite the current under the control of the parties and other Poison throughout the runway &; Events have been rare, but the market for the runway alert has not eliminated, schools, stadiums and other users is still in a grain of salt. So, plastic runway can be boring? “ Poison throughout the runway &; Can you effect a radical cure? China international sports supplies exposition held in last month ( Sporting goods) Basf, Shanghai bayi town joint under more than 100 people in the industry of onlookers, live demonstration again plastic track laying process, gives the most convincing answer to the question. Plastic runway can not taste, this illustrates everything! ! Here for your reduction to the time of the scene: in the professional exhibition audience envelop, in the city of all hk staff use from Germany basf, the world top 500 enterprises to provide plastic runway glue and particles, and on the ground of skilled laying out a environmental protection durable plastic runway. Surprisingly, the laying process without any smell, frequently appear in the traditional plastic runway construction & other; Smell & throughout; Here completely disappeared, and some of the runway construction after more than a year and pungent flavor. The results clearly visible, without a doubt. All hk city by field test for the market in the most intuitive the most positive reply & ndash; — Plastic runway while maintaining the physical properties of course can also be tasteless! For the feature of non-toxic, need authority detection, all hk city site also provides the chemical composition and the most strict standard test certificate. The most incredible is that the company's enterprise standard plastic runway was better than the most strict environmental standards demanding more than a dozen times. For example, the most controversial of VOC ( Volatile organic compounds) GB 18583 - 2008 limited is 700 mg/kg, ShangHaiTuan standard ( Is known as the most strict standard) VOC set limit to 30 mg/kg, and glue VOC content is provided by basf & other; Zero & throughout; 。 Believe that the intuitive data speak for themselves. As is known to all, the poisonous and harmful substance content is less, the better, in fact, for more than half of the enterprise, a lot of harmful material set limit to is possible to lower. Why & other; Poison throughout the runway &; 吗? Why do people complain ShangHaiTuan standard is very strict? Everything is profit-driven, Add toxic solvents can reduce costs) 。 Actually, do VOC content not less lack of technology, but to the enterprise conscience ask! This time, in the industry & other; TSK & throughout; Wowing wwe, we once again felt the bayi town of courage, and sincere. The market does not need to guess, good product is the most powerful proof. As a & other; Throughout the &; Originality of the new enterprise, all hk city always spoke with technologies and products, and constantly innovative business service mode. In industry much-maligned period last year, hk city and basf joint plastic runway environmental standards initiative will Shanghai group, participate in drafting the standards and the whole process of new gb, plastic runway chain quality control system, the quartet quality alliance and declaration of 321 industry self-discipline, make plastic runway from production, construction, supervision to putting-in-service proactively, the entire security & other; No dead Angle & throughout; 。 During the sporting goods, director of basf's asia-pacific Larsen Kolberg told CCTV interview, & other; Sifang alliance make regulation in the industrial chain of each link, ensure that produce reliable movement floor. ” Specifically, plastic runway products on the physical properties, is a professional event all testing items conform to the IAAF IAAF certification standards, products can effectively reduce sports accident harm; Chemical performance, zero VOC, does not contain solvents, meet the most strict ShangHaiTuan. All hk city with strength and self-discipline as market brought a durable plastic runway of green environmental protection product, make sports show should have some comfort, safety and health characteristics. Hk city new material company, said an official with the technology & other; The right choice is to reduce or avoid the trouble started. We hope that through own efforts, let the user and the market of plastic runway build trust & ndash; — We laid plastic runway is used for fitness, enjoy its elasticity, and use it to the protection of human characteristics, both enjoy running system must be a good and safe durable runway. ” We don't just let user can't smell pungent taste, construction personnel, we also can do it! ! Coming summer school a lot of renovation work, sports venues plastic runway intensive reformation, new projects, will give a great test of school and education departments. Does it take to make a & other; Environmental protection durable plastic runway & throughout; , first of all, to choose a socially responsible materials providers, will also be put an end to choose excellent brands & other; Poison throughout the runway &; The best barrier.
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