ETPU boost new materials, tide shoes!

by:BEF     2020-07-16
What is a Boost? “ 提高” English: increase; Advance; Encouragement. The word is really adidas for its & other; The strongest in the history of running shoes & throughout; New material made a definition and pronoun. And this new material is ETPU, thermoplastic polyurethane foam bead bead. TPU material microscopic cross section of traditional EVA foam TPU particles microspheres, generally choose chemical foam, foaming agent and chemical crosslinking. In the process, produce poison gas, and can't melt recovery of foam products. ETPU, German BASF company developed with paraffin as foaming agent, pressure foaming technology and continuous bubble through kettle TPU foam particles, the method of preparation of TPU foam particles preparation by using water vapor molding equipment into a molding foam products. The Boost new material relationship with Adidas? ETPU Boost new material, are not developed by Adidas, so Adidas does not have the Boost of the intellectual property rights. In 2013, Germany BASF and Adidas reach five years don't sell the ETPU particles to other sports brand strategic agreement, since then, the Adidas & other; 提高” To the market. Boost the advantages and disadvantages of the new material? Compared with the traditional EVA, ETPU has the following advantages: advantages: low without harmful gas in the process, environmental protection and can be 100% recycled; More than a mold cavity, forming high efficiency; Low light, density < 0. 3g/cm3; Low products excellent soft and elastic; In - low products Within the scope of 40 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ can keep the material performance. Disadvantages: low investment of equipment, high foam products expensive; When new materials development product design and promotion to a certain time. Which is more cattle NIKE air cushion and Boost? In fact two belong to the same group of science and technology, are all air to shock. Is a large air cushion, air inside, and Boost is little balloon, equal dividing the NIKE air cushion 2 billion times. Air cushion technology is very mature at present, the Boost technology is still in its primary stage, the unit price particularly expensive, a layer of the Boost materials can buy a pair of anta shoes. The Boost of the new material in the future? Boost now is like EVA, 20 years ago, along with the progress of the decline of the raw material and technology, it will gradually replace EVA. There are three international brands begin to enter the Boost: 1. Adidas2. Puma( Its research and development of Boost material has defect, market sales) 3. Saucony ( Too stingy, just use 2 mm) Domestic brands: worm worm run run as a professional ETPU producers, always adhere to the scientific research lead strictly the quality pass. The best products to power take off shoes in China! Although Adidas does not have the Boost shock the core technology of science and technology, but still want to thank the Adidas to Boost industry promoted, bring new cushioning technology to everybody, let everybody have more understanding and recognition of the Boost new material.
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