ETPU attention: ETPU bad analysis of forming and final product

by:BEF     2020-07-10
Articles from patriot ETPU is a excellent texture soft, elastic, wear-resisting, tear resistance, stop slippery performance of thermoplastic elastomer material, is widely used in the sector, not only suitable for production of sports shoes in the bottom and the insole, also suitable for repeated impact, sports protection, low damping, household articles for use, load free inflatable tires and other fields. But EPTU products easy to appear the negative aspects of a finished product, today we have to analyze the finished bad causes and optimization scheme is put forward. Molding equipment compared to vertical molding machine analysis: the less modulus, molding cycle is long, demoulding difficulty, large energy consumption, poor working environment, advantage is that can feed evenly, equipment and cheap. Figure vertical molding machine horizontal automatic machine analysis: more than the modulus, high efficiency, high automation, high safety, machine performance is stable, high efficiency and energy saving, saving the cost of production. Figure horizontal automatic molding machine, lack of materials lead to adverse figure caused molding bad raw materials into finished products is difficult using common gun, and material mismatch, easy gun inner product moisture, often plugging material; Way into the feeding system error; Transporting pipe bending is not smooth; Die gun feeder position design does not reach the designated position, lead to bad finished lack of materials. Finished products in cause analysis, improvement method: choose popcorn material special material gun; Choose double system into high and low voltage method; Mold design reasonable feed location; Transporting pipe keep unobstructed; Replace the high quality raw materials. Three, into the material shortage lead to adverse figure forming into the finished product material shortage root cause analysis and improvement scheme, forming an insufficient heat finished bad figure forming bad analysis and adjustment scheme, burning die cause bad product figure to burn mode: molding vent plug plug and burn treatment six, molding steam moisture content and poor drainage machine cause finished product dialysis hollow hollow dialysis finished products analysis and optimization scheme of seven, seam and material particle shape size cause bad hole hole problem finished products, and improve process this article source: fackel machinery ( Fujian) Co. , LTD.
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