Entity shop to buy safety shoes when eight problems need to be aware of

by:BEF     2020-12-13
Safety shoes is to protect your feet and legs from the purpose of foreseeable harm, it is mainly used for workers to work with. Due to safety shoes with strength, high frequency, so we need pay more attention to the choose and buy safety shoes, let's take you know how to buy safety shoes need to be aware of problems. 1, safety shoes when the choose and buy must to try it on, try on before if it fit. 2, not necessarily to buy safety shoes with size, because safety shoe tree head, design is different, its size is often also have differences. 3, standing on, because standing foot department is sitting. 4, try walk around, confirm that the stability of the shoes and size fitting. 5, pay attention to the seam in the shoes with thread, so as not to cause the foot of the uncomfortable, especially when buying does not need to wear socks style. 6, safety shoes soles should be soft and elastic, the impact force can only be distributed evenly. 7, don't buy out the size of the shoes, size is too small shoes wear long after the last big limited. 8, should have at least two pairs of shoes to replace wear, shoes have ventilation time.
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