Enterprise commonly used the selection standards of labor protection articles

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Labor protection articles are used to prevent unsafe factors in the workplace or occupational harmful factors, avoid inductrial injury accident and occupational disease of appliances. Enterprise how to select the labor protection articles and to protect staff's life safety and health is very important. 1, according to workplace harmful factors ( 1) Dust and harmful factors in the workplace harmful factors in the occupational exposure limit GBZ2 - 2002 specified in 47 kinds of dust, the dust is harm to human health, dust in the air of workplace over limit, prevent particulate respirator should be adopted, including self-priming filter type prevent particulate respirator products should comply with the GB2626-2006 standard requirements. ( 2) Chemical hazardous factors in the workplace harmful factors of occupational exposure limit (GBZ2-2002 set in the 329 kinds of toxic substances, all workplaces exceed limit, in addition to the gas engineering measures, but should also provide personal protective equipment. These gas breathing supplies, general technical conditions should comply with the filter type gas mask GB2890-1995, such as carbon monoxide self-rescuer GB8159 mine request. ( 3) Physical harmful physical workplace harmful factors including ionizing radiation exposure limits, high temperature operation stage, laser, local vibration, the coal mine mining workplace of meteorological conditions, the physical labor intensity classification standard, manual operation when heart rate and energy consumption of physiological limit and ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, noise level limits in GBZ1-2002 and GBZ2-2002 has a regulation. According to different hazardous factors, can choose the corresponding protective equipment, such as ultraviolet prevention infrared radiation injury of goggles and masks, welding goggles products should comply with GB/T3609. 1-1994 welding eye surface protective equipment requirements; High temperature radiation site selection of flame retardant protective clothing should be in line with the requirements of GB8965-1998. With static electricity and electrical hazards in the workplaces where should choose anti-static overalls and anti-static shoes, products should comply with the GB12014 and GB4385 requirements; To prevent electrical hazards should choose electric shielding clothing or high voltage electrostatic protective clothing and electrical insulating shoes ( Boots) And electrical insulating gloves and other protective equipment, the products should comply with GB6568. 1-2000, GB18146-2000, and GB17622 GB12011-2000-1998 standard requirement. Have mechanical, blow, cutting damage workplaces, should choose a safety helmet, safety shoes and protective gloves, goggles and other protective equipment, and conform to the national standard requirements. ( 4) Biological harmful factors such as contact with animal fur, cause of bacillus anthracis infection, brinell coli infection, encephalitis virus infection caused by deforestation, medical staff contact patients caused by bacterial and viral infections. In these places use respiratory protection products, medical respirator should comply with the GB19083-2003 technical requirements; Use protective clothing products should comply with the GB19082-2003 medical disposable protective clothing technical requirements. Category selection operation in 2, according to GB/T11651 the labor protection articles selection rules on how to select the protective equipment specified in the 38 kinds of assignments, homework (such as high Such as building installation wiring, high cliff homework by suspension and painting heaps of goods) Should choose helmets, seat belts and antiskid work shoes, falling objects, the impact of homework ( Such as construction and installation, drilling, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, lifting, deforestation) Should choose a safety helmet and safety shoes. 3, according to the measured values of the workplace harmful factors selection if workplace dust concentration is low, particle respirator selection with abandon type level KN95 can; Asbestos fibers, such as dust, should choose KN100 respirator ( Replaceable type half mask or full-face) ; Such as the harmful substances in the workplace is a lack of oxygen ( Oxygen levels below 19 in the air. 5%) Or drugs, when high concentrations life-threatening, it should choose the isolation type air respirator or oxygen respirator protection articles, etc. 4, according to the harmful effect to human body parts for use if pests will damage the head, ears, eyes, breath, arms, body, skin, feet and other parts, shall be carried out according to the different parts of the selection of the corresponding protective equipment. 5, according to human body size for personal use only match the size of personal protective equipment to play the best protection function, therefore, when choosing personal protective equipment should have different models for users to choose. Labor protection articles is not optional item, it is the guarantee the employees safety and health of the last line of defense, unit of choose and employ persons should follow the national laws and regulations, for the employees with labor protection articles, choose with industrial production license and safety sign products, choose products that meet the national standards or industry standards.
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