Engaged in electrical power industry without a pair of safety shoes insulation

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Electrician their career tend to be dealing with all kinds of electrical equipment, lines, and their work has a certain risk, appropriate for their labor protection is very important, so they will be wearing when working in the necessary labor protection articles, such as insulated shoes, insulating gloves, overalls, avoid operation risk, reduce the power to hurt accidentally. Electrician in contact with these high voltage or low voltage lines, to prevent electric shock damage, they wear insulating safety shoes can effectively reduce the electric shock risk. Because the insulation safety shoes is more suitable for current environment, cut off electricity flowing through the contact point through the body, is a safety shoes to prevent the body to get an electric shock. Electrician work environment is generally not limited to the transformer room, some of them also need to go outside to check the current line, homework in the outdoor electrician in the insulation of the puncture resistant safety shoes, can protect their feet in the round, reduce feet hurt by external things. Because puncture prevention safety shoes is put above the soles sheet steel, prevent the various pointed person pierced the soles, so this safety shoes to prevent foot hurt. The electrical power industry is to work every day, and a variety of power equipment, they can wear insulating safety shoes when working in effective their personal safety protection, reduce the circuit inspection or maintenance, accidentally hit the power of shock damage human body, sufficient to ensure the safety of electrical operation. At the same time, the electrician operations to safe operations in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, be familiar with circuit equipment, consciously in the insulation safety shoes, wear insulated gloves and other labor protection articles, safety related operations, these also can greatly reduce the happening of the accident.
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