Electrostatic hazards will affect the safety in production

by:BEF     2020-12-05
People's life and production is related to the electrostatic and electrostatic directly or potentially bring different degree of harm from all aspects. In the process of production, when the object of electrostatic accumulation to a certain degree, or its potential is higher than the surrounding dielectric breakdown voltage, electrostatic discharge phenomenon occurs. Electrostatic discharge can cause production failure, can make the destruction of a semiconductor devices and make use of the components of the electronic device such as false action and failure; Can cause fire and explosion; And produce static electric shock to human body, cause dermatitis or skin burns and other injuries. The most serious harm is caused by electrostatic fire and explosion. Therefore, we do electrostatic protection is necessary during the production. First technical measures should be taken to limit or avoid the generation of static electricity from the craft and accumulation. Such as on the selection of materials or equipment on the material selection of attention; Improve practices to prevent splashing electrification, flush the electrification, etc. , and try to reduce the friction speed or velocity. Can also take leakage method and neutralization to eliminate static electricity. Second to laborer individual protection, wear labor insurance shoes and clothes. Human body in the walk, take off the clothes or to stand up from the chair and other activities in the process, because the contact and separation of solid material such as clothing and electrostatic induction, all can make human body produce static electricity. Between the body and other objects discharge, the discharge spark to ignite and many gas oil steam. In the explosive flammable environment, therefore, must be in made of antistatic conductive fiber fatigues and made of antistatic conductive rubber safety shoes.
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