Electroplating teacher should wear what function of the safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-06
As is known to all, do we of the electroplating, every day come into contact with all kinds of chemicals, so be sure to do some protective measures. Safety shoes is very important. So, safety shoes should be how to choose and buy? As electroplating engineers, we should choose the acid and alkali resistant safety shoes. Good acid and alkali resistant safety shoes give you far more than you think, and choose the good safety shoes to normal big manufacturer to purchase, otherwise if quality problems, then regret would be too late. The card, to the labor insurance shoes picked acidproof alkali safety shoes not only well-made, products meet national standards, and wear-resisting durable, wearing comfortable, the highest cost performance. Specimens of acid and alkali resistant safety shoes in the concentration of national standard for 6. Hydrochloric acid 3 0 m0l/L. 7 m0l/L of sulfuric acid and 6. 1 m0l/L sodium hydroxide solution, immerse completely 72 hours, weight change rate is less than or equal to 2%, the tensile strength change rate is less than or equal to 15%, in line with the state of acid and alkali resistant safety shoes production standard, so for electroplater people, can be at ease buy. It is important to note that the acid and alkali resistant safety shoes can only apply to general concentration lower alkali workplaces. When we wear resistant to acid and alkali safety shoes should avoid contact with high temperature, leakage of sharp instrument injury vamp or soles; After wearing applied to acid and alkali liquid, wash your shoes and then to dry, avoid direct sunlight or drying.
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