Electronics industry how to choose and antistatic safety shoes?

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Electrical protective shoes is individual protective equipment is used to protect the foot in protective shoes including antistatic safety shoes, conductive and electrical insulating shoes, can prevent electrostatic damage and electric shock damage. Electrostatic are: the harm of human body caused by psychological barriers, produce fear, causing accidents, can also be caused by static electric shock skin burns and dermatitis. And electrostatic hazards are mainly, flammable and explosive accident on industry, thus endangering workers lives and caused the significant loss of production facilities. Injury is a common injury accident getting an electric shock, electrical damage can be divided into contact and non-contact electrical damage. The former is mainly the current damage, it can damage the body, such as heart and respiratory system, nervous system, etc. Light person has the feeling of acupuncture, fight, tremors, convulsions, blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and coma. The person that weigh ventricular fibrillation can occur to stop breathing, cardiac arrest, and death. The latter mainly arc damage, characterized by electric imprint, electric burns, skin, carbide severe cases can be deep and muscles, bones and internal organs. Studying the electric shock physiological shows that people's perception of the current, adult male average of 1. 1 ma, average adult female is 0. 7mA; Get rid of the current, the average adult male for 16 ma, an average of 10 mature woman. 5mA。 When the electric current is greater than to get rid of current electric shock can not take the initiative to get rid of the power supply, without outside help, will extend the time of electric shock, the risk of death occurred. The hands and feet are the most prone to damage the part of the current through the body. Anti-static shoes and conductive material can be divided into leather and cloth cover rubber shoes, leather shoes, according to the production process can be divided into the adhesive, classes and injection moulding. Electrical insulating shoes according to the material divided into leather shoes, cloth, rubber shoes, rubber for rubber and plastic shoes. Leather shoes according to the production process can be divided into the adhesive, moulding, injection and seam. Anti-static shoes is can not only eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation, and can prevent below 250 v power supply shock protective shoes. Conductivity of conductive shoes is good, can eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation in a short time, can only be used for the dangerous sites no shock protective shoes. Electrical insulating shoes is can make the person's feet with a charged object insulation, protective shoes to prevent electric shock damage.
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